Month: December 2013

Christmas: Work With Christ, Working Within Us

May the oblation of this day’s feast be pleasing to you, O Lord, we pray, that through this most holy exchange we may be found in the likeness of Christ, in whom our nature is united to you.  Who lives and reigns for ever and ever. (Prayer Over The Offerings; Roman Missal; Mass at Midnight)

Wyoming Winter Sport…for Christmas

Today, I discovered another marvelous way to enjoy the beauty of God’s creation; snowshoeing. With all of four and a half hours of sleep after last night’s marvelous Midnight Mass, I began the day with some quiet time and prayer. I then joined two friends for a late breakfast and we headed off to Snowy Range for some snowshoeing. We could not have ordered better weather and conditions!  Up on the mountain, we estimate the majority of the day was spent somewhere around 9,300 – 9,500 feet.  The temperature was in the mid 20’s with […]

The Incarnation Reveals and Restores Human Dignity

Merry Christmas!  This Holy Night, we celebrate the birth of our Savior.  We celebrate the patience and faithful love of our God, come down to earth that we might gaze upon the face of God in the person of Jesus. Tonight, the world celebrates the perfect union of the human and Divine in the person of Jesus.  In Jesus the human person finds two great virtues to live by, which lead us to our common goal; humility, and poverty, which lead us to our dignity. Several realities manifest this union of human and divine natures.  […]

The Future Of The Church

After Mass at the Cathedral Sunday morning, I headed north to Casper to film this year’s Midnight Mass.  The long-held tradition is that people from the Casper parishes gather with the bishop at St. Anthony’s on the Evening of the 4th Sunday of Advent to film the Midnight Mass.  The Mass then airs at Midnight and again on Christmas morning. Since the roads were mostly ice-covered from Glendo to Casper, I decided to spend the night in Casper.  Another inch or two of snow fell through the night, so not much was gained, other than […]

Let The LORD Enter, The King of Glory!

Let the Lord enter, he is the King of Glory!  Psalm 24 This seems to be the invitation to all of God’s people today, this Fourth Sunday of Advent.  It is clearly the invitation to the individuals of our readings today. King Ahaz, King of Judah, is facing an assault from two powerful nations.  He is trembling along with all the people of Judah at the threat before them.  The Prophet Isaiah approaches the King and tells him that God is willing to do anything for him, if he but have faith.  So, he is […]

Survey Complete for Extraordinary Synod on Family in Context of Evangelization

As a follow up to an earlier entry on this blog, I would like to give a brief response of thanks to those who completed the survey in preparation for the Extraordinary Synod on the Family in October of 2014. Again, the bishops of the world were asked for their input and personal responses to the survey questions.  At the same time, we were requested to make a broad consultation as a part of our response to the survey.  Between those who completed the online survey and those who completed a hard-copy, we received well […]

Some Christmas Traditions Take Place Before Christmas

A long held tradition in the Voges (my mother’s maiden name) and Etienne families has been baking lots of cookies and other goodies to get ready for Christmas.  One of my fondest memories were the days we spent baking a traditional Christmas cookie called Hartshorn.  Last Christmas, I searched high and low here in Wyoming for the main ingredient, and it was nowhere to be found.  So, this year while back in Southern Indiana for Thanksgiving, I stopped in a store I knew sold the Hartshorn, and brought an ounce back to Wyoming. My mother always […]

The Beauty of a Chaste Life

Today the Church celebrates the feast of St. Lucy, a 4th century virgin and martyr. Her name means ‘light’, ‘luce‘. Today seems like a good day to discuss the beauty of chastity, and the great need for such sober and chaste living in our society today. Clearly, we live in a highly secularized and ‘sexulazied’ culture today.  With so much focus on personal rights, individual preference, relative morality, people are lulled into a false understanding that any and all things are acceptable; that pursuing passions and pleasure will lead to ultimate fulfillment, thus no one should try […]

Pope Francis Calls for Noon Prayer Today to End Hunger

Today, Our Holy Father, Pope Francis is calling for a day of prayer in solidarity with the people suffering from hunger through the world.  At the same time, he is inviting each of us to a greater awareness of our own use of food and food choices.  We are challenged to a better understanding that the challenge of feeding the hungry is not a result of not enough food, but a just distribution of what is already available. At Noon local time around the world, we are called to pray for those who suffer from […]

Advent: Prepare to Receive Christ

  This Second Sunday of Advent, the People of God is invited to re-discover the deepest desire of their heart.  This human desire is for God.  This longing of every human person is precisely what John the Baptist is helping people acknowledge and receive through his baptism of repentance.  “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” This kingdom of heaven is fully present in the person of Jesus.  This is precisely what the Prophet Isaiah foretells in the passage we have heard again this morning: Jesus is the sprout of the stump of […]

By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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