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Archbishop Paul Etienne

For The Love Of God & Catholic Schools

I recently heard a father speak about his daughter’s upcoming wedding. He said: “I’ll be glad when it is over.” He was excited for his daughter and son-in-law-to-be, but was also frustrated with how the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony was getting lost in all the other details of planning for the day. That seems to be a good analogy for young parents today who have many other challenging, but less important matters to contend with in fulfilling their greatest responsibility of raising their children in the faith. It can be difficult to keep this priority […]

Mary, Mother Of The Church, Grant Our Faith Maternal Warmth

In February, Pope Francis decreed a new, universal, obligatory memorial of our Blessed Mother under the title, Mother of the Church. For over five years, our Holy Father has been championing a greater engagement of the Church’s heart as we carry out our Mission of bearing witness to the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Pope Francis has consistently beat the drum calling us to greater warmth, compassion, mercy, and love.  These are clearly characteristics of the life and ministry of Jesus, but are they not at the same time the same traits of a Mother’s heart? […]

Love, Charity, Service: The Ministry of Deacons

Deacon Ordination Homily May 18, 2018 Our Lady of Guadalupe Co-Cathedral – Anchorage Acts 6: 1-7; Ephesians 4: 1-7, 11-13; John 15: 9-17 Love – Charity – Service I wish to welcome all of you to this Deacon Ordination Mass. It is great to have such a broad representation of this local Church, from our priests and deacons, to our women religious and so many of our lay faithful. In a very special way, we welcome all the family and friends of our soon-to-be deacons. And most especially, we welcome you: Gustavo & Cristine Scott […]

Ascension; The Church Is Our Home & Mother’s Day; Our Home is The Domestic Church

As we celebrate the Ascension, this year we also celebrate Mother’s Day, and without too much of a stretch, we realize they are easily joined. The Ascension is the celebration of the return of Jesus after the Resurrection to the Father in heaven.  St. Augustine said it well when he taught that just as Jesus remained with the Father in heaven, even during his earthly life and ministry, likewise, Jesus did not abandon us on earth when he ascended to heaven.  There is a great unity at the heart of the Trinity, and because of […]

Weekend on Kenai Peninsula Visiting The Faithful

On Friday, our Archdiocesan Youth and Young Adult Coordinator, Matthew Beck and I travelled to Kenai and Soldotna for a full weekend of ministry.  On Friday evening, we held our penultimate Listening Session at Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Soldotna.  Our Chancellor, John Harmon also joined us to moderate the evening. We had a very nice turnout.  Once again, we heard many different perspectives, further driving home the reality that the church family is home to people from many walks of life at various points along the journey of faith.  We really do need […]

Prayer Is Central To Every Endeavor

As this year’s One Bread One Body annual appeal picks up steam, I wish to draw your attention to the prayer that is included in this year’s materials.  For your convenience, the prayer can be easily removed and kept wherever you will be reminded to pray this prayer. We ask that each member of the Archdiocese join us in praying that we grow in our understanding of the many ways God blesses each of us, and how we are called to generously respond to God’s goodness. Prayer is central to every endeavor, and that is […]

Each Person, Each Member of the Body of Christ Is A Gift

It is late April as I write this column. Our Listening Sessions (nearly complete, with three to go), are revealing many things. I am hearing about the many challenges we face as church, a wide variety of perspectives, some hope and gratitude, and a fair amount of frustration and disappointment. One individual summarized these sessions as expressing a deep hunger. I concur. The Church is one, big family. As our creed says, we believe in ONE, holy, catholic, apostolic church. Sadly, she is not necessarily one, big, happy family. Like every human family, our church […]

Farewell To A Classy Lady & Great Servant Of The Church: Carol DeLois, Rest In Peace

Carol DeLois served as Chancellor of the Diocese of Cheyenne during the seven years I served as Bishop.  Her counsel and support to me over those years was invaluable, and I gained a dear friend in the process. Carol served the Diocese for over 25 years. It is hard to imagine how many people’s lives she touched during those years of ministry. Early this morning, after just seven months of being diagnosed with brain cancer, Carol was called home to the Lord. Carol loved the church, yet as hard as she worked in its service, […]

One Bread One Body Annual Appeal Video

This weekend we kickoff another Archdiocesan Annual Appeal; One Bread One Body. I wish to thank all who participated in this last year’s One Bread One Body Appeal, as it was one of the most successful appeals in recent history, with nearly every parish reaching their goal! Congratulations! This year, we are particularly pleased to offer a video to help promote our appeal.  I invite you to please take time to watch this short video (below) in order to better understand why it is important to support the work and ministries of the broader, archdiocesan […]

Risen Christ Continually Encountered In Sacramental Life Of The Church

Happy Easter! I hope and pray your Lenten journey was fruitful and your Easter celebration is one of even greater appreciation for the love of God who sent his only Son into the world and for Jesus Christ who coming into the world took on our human condition, walked among us, preached and healed, laid down his life on the cross and rose from the dead for our salvation. Salvation, what a precious gift! Eternal life, what a precious hope for those of us who believe in the Risen Christ! I do not know about […]

By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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