Month: January 2014

Diocese of Cheyenne Challenges HHS Mandate in Federal Court

+ January 30, 2014 Defending Religious Freedom in Court Dear Friends, Today, the Diocese of Cheyenne along with five other Catholic institutions filed a lawsuit to challenge the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ mandate which requires religious organizations to violate their conscience and the Church’s teaching.  As you may be aware, the mandate requires employers to provide their employees with access to contraception, sterilization, and abortion-inducing drugs through their group health plans, even if doing so violates their religious beliefs. Joining the diocese in this lawsuit, filed in the United States District Court […]

Holy Name Catholic School in Sheridan Celebrating 100 Years

The faith-family here in Sheridan gathered for Mass today to celebrate the 100th anniversary of their Catholic School.  This Sunday, the Church begins a week of celebrating Catholic Education. When I think of the goal of Catholic Schools, I think of the story of Michelangelo while he was carving his famous statue of the pieta.  As he began chiseling this beautiful image of the Blessed Mother holding the lifeless body of her Son, Jesus, a small by from the neighborhood would walk by his work shop every day.  The boy kept track of the artist’s […]

Clergy Institute 2014

Every January, the clergy of the Diocese of Cheyenne gather for a few days of continuing formation, prayer, and fraternal support. This year Fr. Ed Foley came to town to give a workshop on presiding.  Before the official program begins, we gather for an opportunity to cover some business items. This year, I took the opportunity to draw the attention of our priests and deacons to some of the insights gleaned from the recent survey conducted on family in light of the new evangelization.  These topics line up nicely with the challenges proposed by out Holy […]

We Are Missionary Disciples; Not Social Activists

This weekend, people from around the state of Wyoming gathered in Cheyenne for the annual Right To Life events.  Friday night, a small group for fourty or so gathered at the Cathedral for an hour of Adoration.  The reading selected came from Sirach, Chapter 6, speaking of Wisdom.  This is indeed one of the great needs in our efforts to recognize the dignity and sanctity of all human life, born and unborn. Saturday, the Cathedral was full for a 9:00 Mass celebrating the Gift of Human Life and preparing for the events of the day.  Approximately […]

Christ Revealed In Creation

For Christmas, I received a book about a woman pioneer in Wyoming during the early 20th century.  The book is entitled Letters of a Woman Homesteader.  It is a series of letters written by Elinore Pruitt Stewart to a dear friend in Denver.  As I read these letters, I was very mindful that despite the hardships of life, how blessed was this woman of faith to live in such close relationship to creation. Elinore lost her husband and was the mother of a small child.  She did not care for a future of working for […]

In Christ Is Our Dignity & Our Mission

On the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord, we conclude another Christmas Season.  The week between Epiphany and the Baptism of the Lord, the church condenses the ‘hidden life of Christ’ into one week!  It has always been a bit confusing to me during the Office of Readings this week how the Church Fathers speak of Epiphany, the Wedding Feast at Cana, and the Baptism of the Lord as if they all happen at the same time.  In reality, these individual events of the life of Christ speak to the profound mystery of the […]

By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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