Month: June 2015

SCOTUS Ruling Today On Marriage: A Response

I am disappointed with today’s US Supreme Court ruling that requires all states to recognize the union of same sex couples. Pope Francis recently reminded all people of good will that “every man and woman is created out of love and created in God’s image and likeness.” (cf. Genesis 1:26) (Laudato Si, # 65) This fundamental understanding of the human person and their inherent dignity is intimately linked to our Creator. Certainly, we as members of the Catholic Church will continue to promote and defend the dignity and respect of every person. The same Creator […]

The Wind & Sea Obey Christ, So Each Person & All Creation

HOMILY: 12th Sunday Ordinary Time, Year B In our first reading today from the Book of Job, God asks Job: “Who created the sea, setting its limits, clothing it with clouds and darkness?” It is a facetious question, as God is clearly Creator and Lord of all things. God questions Job because Job has been questioning God with regards to all the misery and suffering he has endured. Have any one of us not done the same at some point in life? Further strengthening the truth of God as Creator of all things, in today’s […]

Dependence On God

Yesterday evening I was aware of restlessness within me. I was anxious about many things. (Luke 10:41) This last three months has been without a doubt a very full stretch, and the demands of today and tomorrow are not diminished. As is typical with the spiritual life, when we grow weary, even from doing God’s work, perhaps especially from doing God’s work, our defenses are down and we can become vulnerable to the whiles of the demon. As I was walking, trying to sort out all of these interior movements and external responsibilities, I quickly […]

Catholicl Rural Life Issues Press Release in Response to Papal Encyclical on Environment

Papal Encyclical Affirms “Vocational” Approach to Agriculture, Says Director of Catholic Rural Life June 18, 2015 WASHINGTON (June 18, 2015) – Pope Francis’ widely-anticipated teaching document on environmental concerns, Laudato Si’, was published today, with big implications for farming and food production. “This encyclical underscores how farming isn’t solely an economic endeavor,” said Jim Ennis, the executive director of Catholic Rural Life, a 92-year old non-profit dedicated to applying Catholic social teaching to agriculture and other rural issues. “Rather, it needs to be thought of in a much broader framework, with ethical, social, environmental, and even cultural dimensions […]

On Care For Our Common Home; First Impressions

Today our Holy Father released a long-anticipated encyclical on the environment, which he has entitled Laudato Si, (Praised be). An encyclical is a teaching document, which literally means a ‘circular letter’ to be distributed and read among all people. I strongly encourage everyone to do just that; read this document.  View Document here. Pope Francis states clearly this letter is intended for “every person living on this planet.” (#3) He wishes “to enter into dialogue with all people about our common home.” (#3) It is important to understand that Pope Francis is speaking not as […]

Be Joyful Witnesses To Christ

Every Sunday, in fact, every celebration of the Eucharist is a ‘Little Easter.’  During the Easter Season, the Church not only recalls the resurrection of Jesus Christ, but is actually renewed in the life of the Risen Christ, through the life of the Holy Spirit. This life of the Risen Christ is the life of the Church. The Church is the body of believers, the Body of Christ, that is, you and me. No wonder the true believer is a joyful person! After the resurrection, Jesus appeared to his disciples for forty days. He wanted them […]

By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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