Month: September 2015

New Diocesan Finance Officer

  I am pleased to announce that we have hired a new Diocesan Finance Officer for the Diocese of Cheyenne, Jeffrey V. Nieters. Jeff was born in Stearns County, Minnesota.  While in high school, his dad moved the family to Cody, Wyoming.  Jeff has been a resident of Wyoming since that time.  Jeff brings a vast experience in management and finance, and will be a great addition to our diocesan team.  Most recently, Jeff comes to us from Green River, Wyoming, where he worked for the City of Green River for 15 years as the Finance Director. […]

Today’s Homily From Pope Francis

In final preach of this pastoral visit to the United States, Pope Francis encourages us to be prophets of the joy of the Gospel; prophets of the family, of the love of the family, as disciples of Christ. Today the word of God surprises us with powerful and thought-provoking images. Images which challenge us, but also stir our enthusiasm. In the first reading, Joshua tells Moses that two members of the people are prophesying, speaking God’s word, without a mandate. In the Gospel, John tells Jesus that the disciples had stopped someone from casting out […]

Pope Francis Met Five Adult Survivors Of Clergy Sexual Abuse

First thing this morning, Pope Francis met with five adult victims of clergy sexual abuse.  Following this meeting, he met again with Bishops from the United States.  He expressed publicly (and privately) his great sorrow for these sinful crimes.  He stated once again the Church’s resolve to do better, to hold accountable bishops and everyone else who fails to give a compassionate reception to victims of abuse and full cooperation with legal authorities. Here are his remarks from this morning’s visit with abuse victims. My dearest brothers and sisters in Christ, I am grateful for […]

The Lord Desires To Bestow His Spirit Upon All

26th Sunday, Ordinary Time Numbers 11:25-29; Psalm 19; James 5:1-6; Mark 9:38-48 In today’s Gospel, we see the Apostle, John, take issue with someone who is casting out demons in the name of Jesus.  His concern is that this individual is not one of their followers.  And yet, someone is doing a good work in the name of Jesus.  Similarly, in today’s first reading, Joshua is upset that two individuals who were not present at the time Moses prayed that God share a portion of his spirit with a group of elders, are prophesying, apparently […]

Pope Franics’ ‘Prepared Text’ For Celebration Of Families

Below you will find Pope Francis’ “Prepared Text” for his address at this evening’s celebration of families in Philadelphia.  He did not give this prepared address.  He spoke completely spontaneously, and quite enthusiastically! A transcript of actual remarks may be found here. Dear Brothers and Sisters, Dear Families, First of all, I want to thank the families who were willing to share their life stories with us. Thank you for your witness! It is always a gift to listen to families share their life experiences; it touches our hearts. We feel that they speak to […]

Pope Francis’ Address on Religious Liberty

In what will no doubt be one of his most significant addresses of this trip, here is Pope Francis’ address on religious liberty given today at Independence Hall in Philadelphia. Dear Friends, One of the highlights of my visit is to stand here, before Independence Hall, the birthplace of the United States of America. It was here that the freedoms which define this country were first proclaimed.  The Declaration of Independence stated that all men and women are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, and that governments exist to […]

Pope Francis’ Address to UN

Once again, hitting many themes near and dear to this papacy, and significant for the well being of the human family, another strong address by our Holy Father. Mr President, Ladies and Gentlemen, Thank you for your kind words. Once again, following a tradition by which I feel honored, the Secretary General of the United Nations has invited the Pope to address this distinguished assembly of nations. In my own name, and that of the entire Catholic community, I wish to express to you, Mr Ban Ki-moon, my heartfelt gratitude. I greet the Heads of […]

Pope Francis Is Hitting All The Right Notes

Now in his third full day of this pastoral visit to the United States, our Holy Father is hitting all the right notes in his various homilies and addresses. He is not only the Chief Shepherd of the Church, but a beautiful presence of the Good Shepherd. If there was any doubt about this Pope’s orthodoxy, he is expressing his clear fidelity and support of the long-standing teaching of the Church regarding life.  In his address to Congress yesterday, he called for an end to the death penalty, strongly defended the sanctity of all life, […]

Full Text of Pope Francis’ Address to US Congress

Pope Francis continues to inspire and challenge all of us to be better people, and today challenges us to continue to be a nation of dreams for all. Our Holy Father is proving himself not only a Chief Shepherd with the heart of Jesus, but a rare statesman as well! Mr. Vice-President, Mr. Speaker, Honorable Members of Congress, Dear Friends, I am most grateful for your invitation to address this Joint Session of Congress in “the land of the free and the home of the brave”. I would like to think that the reason for […]

Pope Francis Embraces Everyone With Heart of Jesus

Yesterday was indeed an inspiring start to the pastoral visit of Pope Francis to the United States.  In his remarks to the US Bishops at St. Matthew’s Cathedral he made clear his desire for the people in the United States to know that he comes to embrace each and everyone of us. The heart of the Pope expands to include everyone. To testify to the immensity of God’s love is the heart of the mission entrusted to the Successor of Peter, the Vicar of the One who on the cross embraced the whole of mankind. May […]

By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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