Month: January 2016

Happy Catholic Schools Week!

Catholic Schools Week 2016 Catholic Schools Week is celebrated each year beginning on the last Sunday of January. It is an opportunity to highlight the profound impact that Catholic education has on local communities as well as throughout the world. It is a time to truly give thanks and praise to God for the resources entrusted to our care for the building up of the Kingdom of God. In an address given on May 10, 2014 to Italian school teachers, parents, educators, pupils, and other workers, Pope Francis stated the following: “Education cannot be neutral. […]

Sts. Timothy & Titus Tell Us Of The Importance Of Holy Companions On Our Faith Journey

As mentioned in yesterday’s blog entry, today a good friend of mine celebrates his 20th anniversary as a bishop. Congratulations to Bishop Robert N. Lynch of St. Petersburg, Florida!  I’ve always felt that he could not have had a better day in the liturgical calendar for his ordination other than the feast of these two great companions of St. Paul, Sts. Timothy and Titus.   My reason for this?  Simple.  Friendship with Jesus Christ.  Friendship with others in service of Jesus Christ. Bishop Lynch chose as his episcopal motto: Pro Amicis Suis, or For His Friends.  The […]

For Me Life Is Christ; On The Conversion Of St. Paul

Always a favorite feast of mine, today has been a special celebration of the Conversion of St. Paul.  For more than any reason, from the very beginning of this day, I have been blessed with a sense of the nearness of Christ, and that grace has abided throughout the day.  Partially, no doubt, is the setting.  I am with a dear friend, who has always been Christ to me, and tomorrow will celebrate his 20th anniversary as a bishop. The Conversion of St. Paul is a great teaching moment for all of us.  This incredible moment […]

Clergy Institute 2016

This past week, the vast majority of our deacons and priests gathered in Casper for the annual clergy institute. This year, we had Sherry Weddell for our presenter. She is well known in the Church for her book, Forming Intentional Disciples and the follow-up book of Becoming a Parish of Intentional Disciples. Sherry has a commanding knowledge of cutting edge statistics on the life of the Church, and even more importantly, she has a vast experience built from personal conversations with people of all walks of life.  She has led workshops for the majority of dioceses in […]

The Injustice of Abortion; The Unjust Pursuit of Innocent Life

We come together today to praise God for his creative genius. We come together today to proclaim once again that all life is good, and that every human life is very good. Every human life from the moment of conception is a sign of God’s free choice to bring forth new life. The choice is God’s.  God chooses.  God chooses love. God chooses life.  Anyone who takes life, unjustly pursues the frustration of God’s divine plan. After 43 years of legalized abortion in this country, somewhere between 56 and 58 million lives have been unjustly pursued […]

Finn & Betty McCarthy Recipients of Papal Award

Finn and Betty McCarthy were honored at a special ceremony at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church on Wednesday evening, January 20, 2016. Mr. & Mrs. McCarthy are the recipients of a distinguished service award known as the Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice (For the Church and Pope.) This is the highest medal that can be awarded to the laity by the Pope. When I notified them prior to the celebration of the award, Finn responded: “What did we ever do to receive such an honor?” Here are just a few indications of the loving service Finn and Betty […]

The Backdrop Of Nature as Classroom For Instruction

Today’s Gospel from Mark recalls Jesus walking through a field of grain with his disciples. How often did Jesus utilize the surrounding beauty of creation to be the backdrop, the ‘classroom’ for instructing the disciples? He used references to creation often to refer to God and the wisdom of God’s ways. Friday last week, the mother of one of our priests died.  Saturday morning, another mother of another priest died, this one from the Philippines.  Some day, someone should write a book about the mothers of priests, but I’ll save that topic for another blog […]

The Life Of Grace Is Mixed And Mingled In The Life Of Every Believer.

  On today’s feast of the Baptism of the Lord, the Christmas season reaches its conclusion. With the Baptism of Jesus, the so called ‘hidden years’ of Jesus come to an end as his public life and ministry commence. In many ways, the Baptism in the Jordan of Jesus by John the Baptist reveals the mystery of the Christmas season. As the Church moves forward from this season of worshiping the child Jesus, we now turn our eyes to find Jesus in the infants of our time – bringing them to Christ through the baptismal […]

Gun Violence: A Call For Constructive Dialogue

This week, President Obama raised the need for this nation to address gun violence. The manner in which this Administration and Congress have confronted this issue in the past has proven to be ineffective. What is needed is a constructive dialogue about the violence that is taking so many innocent lives and crippling our society. It is past time for this nation and this Congress to come to grips with the violence that is growing in our nation. With regard to gun control, we must as a nation find the right balance between the common […]

By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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