St. Peter's Basilica as seen from Pontifical North American College

It is now past noon on Day five.  Our work for the day is complete.  We met today with the Congregation for Bishops and the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.  After lunch and break, we will depart for Mass at St. John Lateran, followed by another reception this evening with the American priests working at the various Dicasteries here in Rome.

Mt. Carmel Monks meeting with Representatives from the Congregation for Religious.

 Prior to the Regional meetings, our Wyoming ‘Mystic Monks’ and I had a very encouraging meeting with representatives from the Congregation for Religious.  As the monks have now been formally established for nine years, we had a number of important issues to discuss with the Congregation to make sure our plans for the future are ‘on track,’ and that we are building a solid foundation for this monastic community.

 After the meetings with our monks, I joined the Region Bishops for a meeting with the Congregation for Bishops.  The Prefect, Cardinal Marc Ouellet, PSS, is also a North American bishop from Canada.  Along with the issues we discussed, Cardinal Ouellet gave a beautiful discourse on the importance of the Word of God.  It was a very inspiring reflection rooting the work of the Bishop and the unity that we strive for in the Living Word of God, Jesus Christ.

Bishops awaiting the beginning or our meeting with the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.
 After a brief walk to another building, we met with representatives from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF.)  The Prefect, Cardinal Levada, was unable to join us, so the Secretary, Archbishop Luis Francisco Ladaria, SJ directed our meeting. We had a very fruitful discussion over a range of topics.  As you are probably beginning to notice, for reasons of confidentiality, I am not making any mention of specific topics discussed in these meetings. 

Conclusion of Region XIII meeting with Archbishop Ladaria and CDF.