Rev. Arulanandu David of the Diocese of Nellore, India

Rev. Arulanandu David of the Diocese of Nellore, India

I would like to welcome to the Diocese of Cheyenne Fr. Arulanandu David.  I told Father that he will have to get used to people around here calling him “Fr. David” since most of us will struggle with his first name.

Fr. David will become the new parochial administrator of St. Patrick in Kemmerer along with its two missions of LaBarge and St. Dominic in Cokeville.  He will arrive in Kemmerer this Thursday.

We are so very grateful to the Diocese of Nellore for sharing priests to minister in our Diocese.  Fr. David had a 33 hour trip yesterday to get to Denver, and then the remaining hour and a half drive from Denver to Cheyenne.  He arrive here around 2:00am this morning.  He flew from Chennai, India to Doha, Qatar, from there to New York, and from there to Denver.

Chennai is the location of three shrines to St. Thomas the Apostle.  It was in this area of India where the Apostle was martyred.  The Catholic faith is very strong in the southern portion of India, and we are benefitting from the large number of priests they have in this part of the Church and world.

Fr. David was ordained a priest in 1998.  He has 1 brother and 7 sisters.  All of his siblings are married, so he also has many nieces and nephews.  He served for four and a half years in the Scranton Diocese, so this is not his first tour of service in the United States.  He enjoys sports of all kind, including soccer, even though India does not have a contender in the World Cup.

Rev. Thomas George along with Rev. Arulanandu David

Rev. Thomas George along with Rev. Arulanandu David

Besides Fr. David, there are two other priests from the Diocese of Nellore presently serving in the Diocese of Cheyenne.   Pictured alongside of Fr. David is Fr. Thomas George.  Fr. Thomas is an associate at the Cathedral in Cheyenne, and has already in two years stolen the hearts of many.

Fr. Denis D’Souza, also of Nellore, is the pastor of Immaculate Conception in Green River.   Green River is not far (by Wyoming standards) from Kemmerer, and it will be nice for Fr. David and Fr. Denis to be relatively close to each other.

Please join me in welcoming Fr. David to the Diocese of Cheyenne!