Wednesday, a long held dream took a big step toward reality.  For nine years or more, the Catholic people at Holy Family in Afton have been dreaming of a new church.  Their present church is a small building, built years ago as one of the “cookie cutter” churches designed and largely funded by Catholic Extension Society. 

Deacon Bill Hill and Bishop Etienne

With recent efforts of pastors and parish leaders, the congregation is growing, along with their ministries.  Today, around 30 parishioners gathered for a meal in Afton to celebrate this day of dedication and groundbreaking.  A large part of recent effort of both building community and making the final push of fund-raising and planning has come from Deacon Bill Hill.  He has a real gift of bringing people together, coordination, and most of all, faith!

The youth ministry particularly seems to be flourishing in this parish, and there is broad community support for the Catholic expansion.  Recently, a fund-raiser was held, and over 300 people attended from throughout the Star Valley.  The new property is located in Thayne, north of Afton. 

Today, we finally blessed and broke the ground!  And when we break ground, there is more than a ceremonial shovel required!  I had a great time climbing aboard the John Deere tractor and taking a nice “chunk of earth”!  May God bless the efforts of our Holy Family parish and the building of their new church!

Bishop With A Backhoe