I’ve just returned from the third of five deanery priests gatherings.  In an effort to better know the priests and their concerns, as well as allow them the opportunity to better know me, I am meeting with the priests on a deanery basis beginning around 2:00pm and going until lunch the following day.  This gathering was with the Sheridan Deanery, and we stayed at the Durham Buffalo Ranch near Wright, Wyoming.  Speical thanks to the John Flocchini family for their hospitality.

Our gatherings include three sessions where we simply talk about our hopes and dreams, most of which concerns Church and priesthood.  We also enjoy a few meals together, some social time, and of course, time to pray and celebrate a Mass together.

We are quite blessed in this diocese with the dedicated priests who give of themselves so generously.  We are all concerned about the number of priests, and the numbers quickly approaching retirement.  But always, included in this discussion is an incredible faith and hope in the fact that this is still God’s Church, the Church established by Jesus Christ.  There is a common belief that God does have a plan for us, and this is where we place our confidence.  We all certainly wish to continue to pray for vocations, and do all we can to encourage vocations from among our own families and parish communities.

Well, gang, this may be the last post for a while.  The last two months have been packed with many good things, and now it is time to take a breather.  It is Fall, you know, in Wyoming…hint, hint!  or should I say, hunt, hunt?

Peace and Prayers,