Today, in the Diocese of Cheyenne, we ask God’s blessings upon our crops and livestock. We pray for all who make their living from the land, that God may bless our labors, and through them, draw us closer to Himself.

Ranch & Wildlife 004Lord God, You are King of heaven and earth.  You are the Word of the Father, and through You He has given us all created things for our support.  We beg You now to consider our lowly position.  Just as You have given us help in our labors and needs, so, in Your most kind mercy, bless our herds of cattle and sheep and all our livestock with a heavenly blessing, and guard and preserve them.  Be so kind, too, as to give us, Your servants, along with benefits that do not last, Your unfailing grace, so that we may gratefully praise and glorify Your holy name, who live and are King and God with God the Father in the unity of the Holy Spirit for ever and ever.


We ask You as well, O Lord, to bless the seeds planted in the earth.  Warm it with the gentle breath of soft winds, make it fruitful with dew from heaven, and be so kind as to bring it to its fullest maturity for the good of our souls and bodies.  We ask this through Jesus Christ, Your Son, Our Lord, for ever and ever.


Prayers from Rural Life Prayer Book