Today I had the opportunity to visit some of our Catholic Agencies in Cheyenne.  We have a humble Catholic Charities of Wyoming based here in Cheyenne.  Their primary ministry is adoption work.  In the past calendar year they helped place 23 children; infants, special need, and international. 

Ms. Virginia Nies is our Adoption & Pregnancy Counseling Supervisor, and Ms. Rita Sheppard serves in the capacity of secretary and notary public.  I understand their spouses are pressed into duty once in a while as well washing windows and keeping computers running!

Catholic Charities is one of the Diocesan Agencies supported through our Bishop’s Annual Appeal.  Virginia and Rita help provide both pregnancy and adoption services throughout the state of Wyoming.  They also provide placement supervision for residents working with out of state adoption agencies.. 

Catholic Charities of Wyoming also provides free, confidential prgnancy counseling and adoption services to women and families of all faiths.  There are counselors available state wide to help people make the best decisions possible for their own well-being as well as that of the baby.  Catholic Charities also does a good deal of advocacy and referral for the poor.

I also had the opportunity today to visit with Flossie Vance about the Cheyenne Catholic Community Parish Nurse Health Ministry.   Flossie is a very committed health care professional.  She spends a good deal of time and energy visiting the sick and helping them find the resources they need for healthcare.  She helps through health education, counseling and referrals.  I have no doubt she is a powerful, and capable advocate for individuals.

Fianlly, I had a brief tour of one of our “Manors”.  There are two manors in the diocese, Holy Trinity Manor in Cheyenne, and St. Anthony Manor in Casper.  Basically, these are housing units for the elderly.  Holy Trinity has a wonderful Sr. Ruth Ann Hehn, SCL to care for the people and oversee the facility.  She has been there for twenty years, and she loves the people who pass through and live at Holy Trinity Manor.  I have no doubt that the love of God is felt and experienced by all residents and visitors to Holy Trinity Manor!

Much care and love is being provided for and by the people of the Diocese of Cheyenne