Last night, the Deanery of Cheyenne gathered for the first of five deanery Masses to be held this month. It is a great opportunity for us to gather as Church, to celebrate the life and unity that are ours in Jesus Christ through the Eucharist.  My hope is that it gives us a chance not only to celebrate Eucharist together, but in the process for me to visit the various areas of our far-reaching diocese, to communicate a message of love, care and concern to the people of this local church, and to continue to learn more about the unique nature of the church in Wyoming, and the people of this beautiful state.  Finally, it also gives a chance to simply mingle and visit prior to and after the Mass. 

     Special thanks to the people of Holy Trinity parish who hosted our celebration last night.  There was a great turn-out of the priests from the deanery, as well as a great showing of the 4th degree members of the Knights of Columbus.  I’d like to say how impressed I am with the Knight of Columbus organization in this state.  They seem to show up for everything, and also have a good reputation for being there when something needs to be done.  I am impressed with our Knights of Columbus in Wyoming.

     We also had a good representation of young people present for Mass last night.  This is a very encouraging sign for our Church.  Young people, continue to stay close to Christ, stay close to His Church, and celebrate the sacraments as often as possible.  It is so good to see you taking your place in the Church.  Thank you for your youth, for your energy, for your faith!

     Those who came for the Mass came to celebrate.  We had a good group of musicians, and the congregation prayed well.  I’m not sure of the calibre of preaching last night, but hopefully the Spirit was felt there as well.  After the Mass, many people came to the reception, and seemed to enjoy the casual opportunity to socialize and visit with old friends.  I find this time particularly helpful to continue to learn about the culture of life here in Wyoming, and meet people from all walks of life.  Four more such celebrations to come…Casper is up next!