Once again, it is the time of year for announcing the upcoming changes in clergy assignments.  This weekend, changes were announced in the effected parishes.  In addition to the official changes posted below, one other significant change is also being announced this weekend.  Fr. Bill Hill who has served as vocation director for the past four years will become Parochial Administrator of St. James in Douglas and it mission Church of Our Lady of Lourdes in Glendo.   Fr. Steve Titus, the present pastor of the same will become the new vocation director.

I am particularly grateful to Fr. Bill Hill for his four years of service as vocation director.  Having been a vocation director myself for a few years, I know it is not an easy ministry, but he has served faithfully, and has provided me good counsel and has been a great guide and support to our present seminarians.  More than anything, Fr. Bill had to endure my learning curve as a new bishop!  Thank you Fr. Bill.

Below you will find the other Official Clergy Changes.