The end of another day approaches.  As usual, there was time for prayer, Mass, time in the office, phone calls, meetings, and lots to carry in this Bishop’s heart and mind.  This I find is the greatest “task” of the bishop, to carry the many needs and confidences prayerfully in my heart.  Thankfully, everywhere I go, people tell me: “I pray for you daily, bishop.”  All I can say is: Thank God!

One of the great benefits of the “burden of office” is learning to trust more and more in the Providence of God.  I find I am turning to the Gospels more and more, to be continually reminded of the ministry of Jesus, after Whose ministry I am to model my own life and ministry. My own understanding of “God’s will” is growing, maturing, changing…hopefully for the better!  I would guess my own life as a bishop resembles in some ways that of a parent, who knows and loves each of his/her children so intimately, and yet, must give them room to grow, mature, and discover their own path in life…which is hopefully God’s path for them.

Today, we read again from Genesis, this time of the creation of man and woman.  Tomorrow, we see how God instills in the human person the gift of freedom…the freedom to respect God’s plan, and the relationship with God for which we are created.  What a wonder…the human person.   What a mystery…the patient, mysterious love God shows us.  What a confounding reality…our wandering ways.  What joy…our redemption in Jesus Christ!

As Pope John Paul II so often said: The Redeemer of man, Jesus Christ, is the center of the universe and of history.  (The Redeemer of Man, #1)  This is surely the work of the Church, to proclaim this central truth; to lead all people to Christ.  May the God who created us give us the grace to know, love, and serve the Son of God, Christ, Who redeems us.