This Second Weekend of Lent brought me to St. Joseph parish in Rawlins, Wyoming.  Even though we celebrated the 2nd Sunday of Lent, we also celebrated the parish feast day.  The Saturday Evening Mass had a very full church, followed by a nice dinner and reception in the parish hall.

At one point in time, Carbon county was the wool capitol of the world (so I’m told by the present pastor, Fr. Sam Hayes, who now pastors his home parish.)  This community is another one that relies heavily on the energy industry of the state.  I truly enjoyed being here, praying with the community, and visiting with many individuals after Mass.  St. Joseph is taking care of those entrusted to his paternal care.

It seems one of the primary messages of this weekend, “Listen to God” is a model of how St. Joseph lived his life.  He listend to God, especially in the midst of difficulty, to find his way, to make his decisions, to guard and provide for his family.  May we learn this same tenant of faith in each of our lives.

Keep praying and growing closer to the Lord, church.  Enjoy the pics.