The second round of 2011 Confirmations is in full swing, with a few other stops thrown in for good measure.
As already posted, I spent Saturday evening with the Knights of Columbus in Casper. Sunday evening, we had the Confirmation Mass for all of Casper and Douglas, I regret I have no photos of either of these events.

The Confirmation in Casper was beautiful.  We confirmed 77 youth, and they were very attentive.  This Lent, Holy Week, and Easter were particularly meaningful for me, and have had a dramatic impact in my preaching for this Confirmation season.  The young people as well as the adults seem appreciative.

Monday evening in Buffalo was beautiful; mild temperatures, little to no wind, clear blue skies.  Everyone was in a cheeful mood for the evening celebration. 

St. John The Baptist, Buffalo; Photo courtesy of Fr. Rob Spaulding

Confirmation; Holy Name, Sheridan; Photo couresy of Terri Bare

Tuesday evening, confirmation was celebrated at Holy name in Sheridan.  I believe there were 28 confirmations. 

Big Horn Mountains, Dayton, Wyoming

Both Buffalo and Sheridan are located in and around the Big Horn Mountains.  This is a beautiful part of the state, and the mountains have a majesty all their own.  Another small community in the Big Horns is Dayton, and in Dayton we have a wonderful, though small community of Benedictine Sisters at San Benito Monastery.

Wednesday, before heading to Gillette, I had the great joy of finally visiting the sisters with Fr. Rob.  We celebrated Mass and then shared a noon meal with the sisters.  There are three sisters here, at the moment also enjoying an extended stay by three of their sisters from Clyde, Missouri.  There is also presently living with them a Franciscan Sister from Oldenburg, Indiana (of all places!). 

San Benito Monastery; Sr. Josetta, Sr. Hope; Sr. Sarah, Sr. Benita, Sr. Gladys and Sr. Regina and myself.

The sisters live a simple life according to the Rule of St. Benedict, regulated primarily by prayer and work, and of course, great hospitality!  A portion of their support comes from homemade items, made by the sisters, and some of their other sisters in Clyde. 

The name of their products is Monastery Creations.  They grow their own herbs, and make visits into the mountains to harvest flowers and other herbs to make their own soaps, ointments and other skin care products.  I’ve sampled several of them, and they are quite nice.  It is a very modest operation, for some very modest, but good and holy sisters.  If you are ever in the area, you should do yourself a favor and stop by to visit their shop.  I believe some of their items are also available on line.

Confirmation, St. Matthew, Gillette

 Wednesday evening, we celebrated another large Confirmation Mass for 50 students from St. Matthew.  I believe there were also two present from St. Paul in Sunfish. 

Well gang, I’m a bit weary at the time of this posting, and I’m not sure I got this one totally correct, but at least you know where your bishop has been the past week.  Now for a free evening and day off.  With the generosity of some folks in the Wheatland area, I’m off to the spring woods for some turkey hunting in Friday morning.  If nothing else, I’ll find a comfortable place to stretch out, gaze at Laramie Peak, and take a nap.  The next several weeks are jamm packed, but I’ll try to stay current with the blog.  Till then, know of my prayers for all of you this Easter Season!