On this Solemn Feast of Pentecost, we recall the great gift of the Holy Spirit, and the Spirit’s ongoing role in the life of the Church.

Today I remember especially all who have been unable to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation this spring due to the coronavirus. May the Holy Spirit help you to find your place in the Church as well as to know where to put your gifts into service.

Also today, the Archdiocese of Seattle celebrates our 170th anniversary! On this same day, Auxiliary Bishop, Daniel Mueggenborg celebrates his 3rd anniversary. Happy anniversary to all!

St. Paul helps us understand that the Holy Spirit is the source of faith and strength that allows us to carry on the mission of the Church, namely, to profess Jesus Christ as Lord!

Likewise, St. Paul teaches that there is one Spirit though many gifts, one Lord, though different forms of service, and different workings by the same God. In the midst of this great diversity represented in the members of the Church, we are all members of the one body of Jesus Christ!

We cannot help but recognize on this 170th anniversary of the Archdiocese that the Church always moves forward. Let us move forward led by the Holy Spirit, placing the gifts the Spirit brings at the service of the Church, benefiting all as we proclaim together the One, Lord, Jesus Christ!

Today’s Mass and Homily:


Pentecost 8:30am Mass from Archdiocese of Seattle on Vimeo.