Montana Rainbow TroutRest is a good thing!  So is time to enjoy the beauty of nature.  Spending time in nature has always been an important part of healthy re-creation for me, and God in His goodness sent me as bishop to a place where I will get all of nature I can enjoy! 

In the photo to the left, you see how the Bishop of Wyoming gets to spend his free time.  This day was courtesy of Mr. Bob Krumm, and Fr. Rob Spaulding.  We had a marvelous time fly fishing on the Big Horn River in Montana.  We caught (and released) some beautiful Rainbow and Brown Trout.  It was cold, but beautiful.

Yes, I also had the good fortune of harvesting a turkey as well.  Mostly, I enjoyed time reading, resting, and being outdoors.  Special thanks to the people of Our Lady of the Pines, in Story, WY for their hospitality and the use of the parish rectory.  This is a lovely setting, and a peaceful place to rest and enjoy the beauty of God’s creation.

Now it is time to put the sporting goods away for a while and return to the heart of the season; the Holy Spirit and Confirmation!  In the next several weeks, I’ll see a good part of the diocese again, and enjoy my first Confirmation tour as bishop of Cheyenne.  Looking forward to being with our young church in the coming weeks!