My thoughts this morning are drawn to reflect upon God the Father’s perspective of today’s events, namely the passion and death of Jesus. In order to get there, please imagine the moment Jesus is taken down from the cross and placed in his mother, Mary’s arms. Now, imagine Jesus passing from death into the Father’s embrace.

When Christ came as hight priest of the good things which have come to be, he entered once for all into the sanctuary, passing through the greater and more perfect tabernacle not made by hands, that is, not belonging to this creation. He entered, not with the blood of goats and calves, but with his own blood, and achieved eternal redemption. (Hebrews 9:11-12)

What must our moment of redemption looked like as Jesus ‘passed over’ from his death on the cross to the Father in heaven?

How precious this moment was, not only for all of creation, but to the Father of Mercies! Michelangelo’s Pieta captures beautifully that moving moment when the dead body of Jesus is given to his mother. But can our heart’s imagine today the same moment Jesus enters into the heavenly sanctuary with his own blood as the precious price for our salvation?

The price of your redemption was not something of fleeting value like gold or silver, but the costly shedding of the blood of Christ, the lamb without blemish. (1 Peter 1:18-19)

This blood of Christ is our new and eternal covenant with God the Father. Jesus and the blood he shed for our salvation is now always before the Father. 

Let us prayerfully give thanks for such a precious gift.

Let us prayerfully ask for the grace to live as children of God, as disciples of Jesus Christ, holy lives pleasing to the Lord.