Mom & Dad, May 2010

To all the mom’s this Mother’s Day, may God bless you bunches! 

I was struck by today’s Gospel, the famous Road to Emmaus story of the similarity between the Church and mothers.  We see the two disciples walking along after the Resurrection, “looking downcast”, when the Risen Jesus approaches.

After they give Jesus their version of “the recent events” in Jerusalem, Jesus “opens their eyes” by helping them understand all that the Scriptures foretold of “these events”.  Then, in the “breaking of the bread”, their eyes were further opened to recognize Jesus.

Is this not what Christian mothers do?  They give encouragement and hope to their children, and not just any hope, but the hope that springs from our faith in Jesus Christ.  A mother faithfully walks the journey of life with her children, helping them come to faith, assuring them of her love, and helping them to accept and love themselves.

During my walk today, I saw many families out, enjoying this beautiful spring day.  As I walked, I overheard bits and pieces of many of their conversations.  It was quite diverse, what I witnessed and heard.  One mother with her husband and two small children was impatient, and heard to say something vulgar to the slowest one lagging behind.  With that, the other small child came back with something vulgar as well, and was almost smacked by the mother.  I said a silent prayer for them all.

Then, thankfully, there were many others, sharing their joy and the simple gift of time together.  I was edified to hear numerous times those three precious words: “I love you.”  This is the kind of encouragement and hope which raises up well-formed people.

Today, in honor of Mother’s Day, I planted a patch of wildflowers.  I thought of my own mother, with a grateful heart for her faithful journey of life and love.  I thought of “our Mother, Mary” in this month of May as well.  My own mom recently planted some hydrangeas next to a grotto I built many years ago.  She told Mary to take care of them.  I’d say Mary is more than doing her part

God bless all of you, and keep encouraging each other in truth and love,