St. Paul’s encouragement in today’s first reading gives us a remedy for all our social needs: Have the same attitude of Christ. Then he proceeds to outline those characteristics:


  • Christ as Son of God did not deem equality with God as something to be grasped
    • we are not God
  • Christ chose the role of servant
  • Christ humbled himself
  • Christ was obedient to the Father

Brothers and sisters, on this Election Day, let us remember that no one elected official can embody all our needs. We have one Savior who is Jesus Christ.

Do we need candidates and politicians to renew our trust – absolutely. However, society to be healthy and capable of advancing the common good needs every member of society to be engaged in a healthy, civil, respectful, process of peaceful solidarity.

Society needs each member to humbly serve others, building bonds of friendship. Having the attitude of Christ and acting accordingly goes a long way to establishing a society where all can live with dignity and the dignity of all is advanced and respected.