After a full morning in Lander with the Wyoming Catholic College Community, Mark and I made our way over the South Pass to the Holy Spirit Catholic Community in Rock Springs.  The trip over South Pass was uneventful, but the cloud cover was very low with occasional snow and rain.  Even with that, it is still a beautiful drive.

Passing through the Eden area, we received an unwelcome, generous dose of oil all across the driver’s side of the vehicle.  The wind was really up, and carrying some oil from somewhere.  So, our first stop in Rock Springs was a local auto store to buy some tar remover and rags, and we were on our way to the car wash.  I guess that is one way to get some fresh air and exercises.

We had enough time to share a meal with the recently arrived Fr. Joey Buencamino.  Fr. Beavers was busy hearing confessions and offering the first Vigil Mass of the weekend, but was finished in time to join us at the 7:00 Confirmation Mass.

We confirmed 45 students last night, and as I’ve mentioned in previous posts, this is a growing, young, vibrant community; made so partially by an influx of Mexican immigrants.  The Church was packed, and the best part, everybody participated!  We had great music and the young people gave hearty responses when questioned about their faith.  It was quite refreshing.

Of course, this Fourth Sunday of Easter is always Good Shepherd Sunday.  It is a great time to speak with our Confirmation Class of the Life that Jesus brings, and His great desire to give us this life.  It is helpful for our young Church to also know how much Jesus wants them to be a part of His work, His plan, His family, His Church. 

As the local pastor mentioned after Mass, the “thief” comes to take what we need.  Jesus comes knowing what we need and Gives it to us.  There is such Life in Jesus, and such wisdom in following Him.  May we all grow in such wisdom (Gift of the Spirit) that we may grow in the Life of Christ!


(Photos courtesy of Mark Seabrook)