This final Confirmation tour is just about midway.  This Good Shepherd Sunday morning found us in Green River at Immaculate Conception parish.  Eighteen students were ready to receive the sacrament, along with their families and the parish community.  This parish is blessed with a great choir and faith-filled community, so we had a beautiful celebration.  I was particularly encouraged during the reception that followed to hear one of the young men was interested in pursuing the seminary at a later date! 

Servers and Fr. Tom Sheridan prior to Mass.


K of C 4TH Degree Honor Guard

(Photos courtesy of Mark Seabrook)

As it is Sunday, a day of rest, I’m looking forward to some additional “horizontal time”.  God willing and a little cooperation from a gentler wind, we may get to fish in the morning prior to moving on to our next destination.  There happens to be a very good “Cajun” fishing guide in the parish!


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