Today was practically like celebrating the Easter Vigil.

Yesterday I flew to Dillingham for the weekend.  In addition to Holy Rosary Parish, there are numerous villages also served by the pastor, Fr. Scott Garrett.  Today, in the face of minimum flying conditions, we had a pilot fly us out to one of those villages,  Clarks Point, for a beautiful celebration.

The celebration began with a Baptism – pictured left.  In all, we celebrated the Eucharist, had a Profession of Faith of an adult joining the Catholic Church, Convalidated a Marriage, celebrated two Confirmations, and three individuals made their First Communion!

Smiles all around.

As Fr. Scott and I waited for the pilot to make a decision whether it was safe to fly in the weather conditions, I was reminded of the dignity and simple mission of the priest – to bring Jesus Christ to others.  We celebrated the Sacraments, Preached the Gospel, and instructed God’s people in the Faith.  Pretty basic.

For those who were present, it was pretty basic as well – encounter Jesus Christ and bask in the joy of his presence, grace and mercy.

Wherever you are this weekend, I pray you have a joyful encounter with Christ as well.


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