Today, our Diocesan Management Team completed a four day training session. Over the past four months, the Diocesan Department Managers set aside one day each month for training with Catholic Leadership Institute to hone our leadership skills, with the goal of becoming a more cohesive leadership team for the good of the Diocese of Cheyenne.

The Leadership Team consists of the following individuals: Fr. Michael Carr, Vicar General, Fr. Carl Gallinger, successor to Vicar General, Carl DeLois, Chancellor, Fr. Tom Cronkleton, Judicial Vicar, Loren Schilinger, Diocesan Finance Officer, Deacon Vernon Dobelman, Pastoral Ministries Director, Matt Potter, Development Director, and Fr. Bill Hill, Vocations Director, and of course, the Bishop.

Our goal in this training was to ‘step up our game’ to become a more cohesive team, to better understand eachother, and our working dynamics and personal interactions.  We spent a great deal of time examing the manner in which we conduct our business and meetings.  We clarified our goals and learned some very helpful and practical methods in further defining and achieving our goals. 

We were well served by three different consultants from Catholic Leadership Institute.  Over the past decade, CLI has developed some masterful materials to aid those in Catholic leadership to grow in self-knowledge, complimented by practical skills to best utilize their gifts and the available resources for the work and mission of the Church.

Leadership is an art, as is good communication.  In these past four months, we have received some great information, and some great tools to strengthen our capacity as a team, and help us in our role as leaders of the Catholic Church in the State of Wyoming.  Please God, our people will notice a difference in the coming months and years!

Please pray for all of us who serve this local Church of the Diocese of Cheyenne.  We are blessed with some very gifted and dedicated servants of the Church.