As we celebrate the month of May which is dedicated to our Blessed Mother, I wish to draw our attention to one of her lesser known titles – Spouse of the Holy Spirit. 

We are in a Providential moment during this reorganization of the Archdiocese with Partners in the Gospel which coincides with a major initiative in the Universal Church through the Synod on Synodality.  Since Pentecost, the Holy Spirit has animated the life of the Church. Now as always, we seek the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, and there is no better intercessor for this great gift than our Blessed Mother Mary, the Spouse of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus Christ took on our human flesh through the power of the Holy Spirit.  In her humility and obedient faith to God, according to St. Luke’s Gospel (1:35) Mary conceived the Son of God when the Holy Spirit came upon her and the power of the Most High overshadowed her. As stated by Blessed Concepcion Cabrera de Armida, “Without Mary, there would be no Redemption, no Church, no Eucharist, no salvation of the human race.” [1]

Mary, inspired by the Holy Spirit, as the Mother of Jesus, served him his entire life, selflessly, humbly, lovingly and faithfully. Because she knew he was the Son of God, she gave her entire life to him, supporting him every step of his life, ministry, passion and death.

When upon the cross before his death, Jesus entrusted his Mother to St. John, while at the same time giving John to Mary, he did so in order that Mary would be present to the Church, not just in those early days after the resurrection, but always. At Calvary, Mary was united in the suffering of her Son. The graces of that moment, in which Christ was establishing the Church, coming forth from his open side, flows always from the Holy Spirit, through the heart of Mary.

Then, at Pentecost, when the Risen Lord gave the promised Holy Spirit to the Apostles telling them to go to the ends of the earth preaching the Gospel and giving witness to his resurrection, Mary was there. 

By the working of the Holy Spirit, Mary gave her Son to the world, and now we who have been incorporated into the life of the Risen Jesus through baptism are sent forth with the same mission, to bring Christ to others, and to bring others to Christ. This is always the work of the Holy Spirit in the Church, and there is no better intercessor for this work to succeed, than Mary, the Spouse of the Holy Spirit.

Through Mary’s intercession, we beg the Holy Spirit to flood the Church in these days, freeing hearts for greater intimacy with Christ, conquering the indifference that holds so many back from actively living their faith. Mary, Spouse of the Holy Spirit, pray for us!

[1] Concepcion Cabrera de Armida, Priests of Christ, p. 286