Last week, I began meeting with the priests of the diocese on a deanery basis. Our first group, the Cheyenne Deanery, met at St. Walburga Abbey in Colorado just south of Laramie. The priests gather around 2:00pm and we remain together until the next day around the same time, or until after lunch.

The gatherings provide us an opportunity to share with each other on a deeper level regarding the Church and our priesthood. Besides the three listening sessions, we have time to pray together, share a meal or two and simply enjoy some social time.  It is good to see priests enjoying time with brother priests.

Yesterday, I arrived in Thermopolis for our deanery gathering here.  Both gatherings thus far have had a great turn out. I am am sensing and hearing that they, too, appreciate the opportunity to visit with each other and their bishop.

It is good for any group of people to gather together to share with one another around any topic of faith. Very often, the discussion helps give voice to the deeper insights present within us that otherwise would go unnoticed. Such a process of sharing also leads to deeper appreciation, and also helps to put the challenges we face in the context of our faith and hope and trust in God. It often helps us be more aware of things we can do better or in addition to our present efforts. 

One theme, I’m glad to hear, is the fact that we are God’s Church, and the Holy Spirit is alive and well, and will continue to lead us into the future God has in store for us!

Peace to all!