For the past few years it has become increasingly difficult to make pastoral assignments for priests and other pastoral leaders. I am very grateful to the personnel board members who work so diligently and prayerfully to help make these assignments with as much sensitivity as possible to the needs of our parishes as well as the gifts and needs of our clergy. 

Knowing that next July (2024) we will have the potential for a serious shift of clergy given that we will announce the new Parish Families this January, we tried to make as few changes this year as possible. The Archdiocesan-wide restructuring that is underway is much needed and Partners in the Gospel is going well as we strive to rise to the challenge of these present realities. 

We are very grateful to all the cooperation we received working with our priests and pastoral leaders to reach this year’s assignments. I ask for your prayers for those in transition this summer, and your ongoing prayers for the success of our Partners in the Gospel initiative. It will require all of us to stretch in the coming years as we strive to fulfill the mission of the Church here in Western Washington.