After last week’s Convocation in Casper, I arrived home only to unpack, repack, sleep, and leave for the airport. I celebrated a wedding in Jennings County, Indiana on Saturday. It was good to return to an area where I was pastor for two years while also serving as Vocations Director. After the wedding, I was blessed to spend two days visiting with my family in Southern Indiana.

Tuesday, I flew back to Denver for a meeting in the evening.  This morning, I celebrated Mass with our two seminarians, and enjoyed a breakfast with them before they departed to their first class of the day.  Next, the Provintial bishops held a meeting and enjoyed a lunch together.  There was not much on the agenda, but we had a good visit, and enjoyed eachother’s company more than anything.

After lunch, I departed for the Denver airport for my final leg of this trip.  I landed in Jackson around 4:30.  We are blessed in this diocese to enjoy the assistance of some Philippine priests.  The bishop of San Carlos, Bishop Joseph Advincula, along with his College Seminary rector are in town, and I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to meet with him and thank him for his generosity in sharing some of his priests with our diocese.

Bishop Joe and I had a good visit, and then I took the our two visitors, along with the two priests from Our Lady of the Mountains to dinner.  We had a lovely evening.  Below are some pictures taken at the end of the evening. 

Tomorrow, on the Feast of the Archangels, I will make public the Pastoral Letter which introduces our priorities for the next five years.  If all goes well, you should be able to read about here, on these pages.  I pray that all of us may grow in our relationship with Christ, Who is the Word of Life.  As our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI said so well in his recent visit to Germany, the greatest challenge of our Church is for our people to simply live their faith, which is to live our life in Christ.  More tomorrow!

God bless,


Bishop Joseph Advincula, San Carlos, and myselfFr. Florante Marcelo, Bishop Advincula, myself & Fr. Danny Parcon


Fr. Flo, Bishop Advincula, myself & Fr. Randy Oswald, pastor of Our Lady of the Mountains


Fr. Florante Marcelo, Bishop Advincula, myself, Fr. Danny Parcon