In view of the present global spread of the corona virus, I invite you to join us in seeking the intercession of Our Lady of Seattle. In addition to this newly commissioned prayer, we share a new image of Our Lady of Seattle, Undoer of Knots. (See image below)

Holy Mary, we come before you as spiritual children in great need, seeking your intercession, and asking that your mantle of love surround us to console, protect and lead us to your son Jesus.

We entrust all of God’s family, especially the Church in Western Washington into your Immaculate hands.  With your Son Jesus’ gentle power you can undo any knot in our Church, and in the lives of believers who entrust themselves to your care.

Today I especially entrust to you [mention request here/Coronavirus], and I ask that – through your intercession, and that of Saint James, our Guardian Angels, and the faithful in our diocese – we may be free from every spiritual and temporal ill, and be safely led to encounter your Son’s Merciful, Sacred Heart.

Our Lady of Seattle, Undoer of Knots, pray for us!​

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