Hi, friends. Sorry for the quiet nature of this blog in recent months. Things got very “focused” in June, and I’ve been cooling my jets in July. I just got home from an eight day retreat, which was very restful and grace-filled.  I’m on the road for the next five days enjoying more of this beautiful state of Wyoming with a seminary classmate from Brooklyn, Fr. Joe Fonti.

We will pretty much make a large loop of the state and end up in Rapid City Wednesday evening for the ordination / installation of their new Bishop, bishop-elect Bob Gruss.  We all spent some time in seminary together, so I’m sure it will be a bit of a reunion this week in Rapid.  Then, I hope to be back in town by Friday night.

As most of you have read through other Catholic blog sights, our beloved Nuncio is seriously ill and in need of our prayers.  Please offer a prayer or two for Archbishop Pietro Sambi, as I’m sure he can use them.

A bit more silence for a while, then I hope to be back to more regular postings once again.  Hope your summer is filled with many graces, blessings, rest, and not too much heat!