During the past two years or more planning began to address the many changes at work in the Archdiocese of Seattle. We call this planning Partners in the Gospel. In February, we announced the new parish families which will take effect on July 1 of this year. This past weekend, we announced in all parishes the clergy and pastoral leader changes that will also begin effective July 1.

This is always a challenging time for parishioners as well as for priests. As it should be, strong bonds are forged between priests and parishioners and it is never easy to say ‘goodbye’ and transition. Because of the parish reorganization more changes in parish leadership than normal are happening this year.

I know this raises many questions, especially: “Why is all this necessary?” I want to invite the people of the Archdiocese of Seattle to revisit our website where we have helpful information that will answer many of your questions, especially reminding us why this is necessary. I have said for the past two years: “The status quo is no longer an option.” You can find the website here.

We also developed a very helpful resource (below) so parishioners can find their new parish family. In addition, you can see who the new priests will be in your parish, and where your present priest(s) are assigned. (I want to thank our communications team for their fine work on this document!) This document contains a great deal of information, so simply scroll through to find what you are looking for. The parish family section is also interactive, just click on the name of the parish family and it will take you to the clergy assigned to that family.

I wish to thank in a special way our Priest Personnel Board members and a few staff who have worked diligently on these assignments for the past seven months. In addition, I’m tremendously grateful to all our priests and pastoral leaders who have cooperated so well as we had many phone conversations these past few months discussing possible assignments, getting feedback, and reaching the final goal together. We experienced a true moment of being Partners in the Gospel for the good of God’s holy people. That is what Partners in the Gospel entails.

Please be assured of my prayers for all of you during this time of transition, and let’s each pray for one another, and especially that all our efforts in and through Partners in the Gospel may truly help us renew the faith of all our people, and assist us in better accomplishing the mission of proclaiming Christ to the world.

God bless!