With the Pallium pilgrims all now safely home, one final blog entry to share some memories of this grace-filled journey.  Anchorage is ten time zones from Rome, so you can only imagine the time it takes to travel home.  After an 11 hour and 30 minute flight from Rome to Dallas, then two hour flight from Dallas to Los Angeles, where we literally walked off that plane and on to the one that would carry us to Anchorage, another five hour flight got us into Anchorage shortly before Midnight last night.

A good friend asked me this morning if I could not somehow have added another leg to that trip home, and I told him: “You know, there are only 30 hours in a day!”

With much gratitude for the pilgrims that made the journey, and all who prayed for us along the way, here are just a few of the highlights – in photos.  There are many! Enjoy.


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