This weekend our permanent deacon candidates are in Casper for their monthly formation program.  Today, they took the next formal step in their journey towards ordination as permanent deacons next May.

Today, they were formally installed as lectors.  The Holy Scriptures play a foundational role in our life as Catholics.  They contain the Good News of Salvation.  As deacons, these men will be ordained to Preach the Gospel.  In preaching and other capacities, they will form others in the faith that is ours.

The life of a priest and deacon, as well as that of a Bishop is rooted in God’s Word.  We make a promise to pray the Liturgy of Hours several times a day.  This formal prayer of the church is primarily founded on all 150 psalms, as well as other scripture and readings of Church Fathers, Church Councils and other saints.

Daily, we celebrate the Eucharist, the first half of which is the Liturgy of the Word.  This Word of God is alive, and speaks to us of God’s ways, values, life, mercy, love and so much more.  Every deacon and priest is called to root his life in Christ, which is to have a rich and vibrant encounter with God’s Word.

As Christ takes up His dwelling within us through His Word, we are more and more capable of authentically preaching His Truth, and leading others to His Kingdom. 

We are blessed to have these 18 men so generously giving of themselves through this lengthy formation process.  Their dedication over these years is a good sign of the generosity of heart and faith they will bring to the service of God’s people as deacons.  Please pray for them, that they continue to grow in their love for God’s Word, for Christ, and God’s People.

Congratulations, 2012 Deacon Candidates!