We are just days away from the primary polling day here in Wyoming.  Knowing that I as a new resident to the state still need to get registered to vote, I wish to encourage all to “take care of business” in this coming political season. 

For some time now, one of my personal, private prayers during daily Mass has been that our world leaders will grow in the gift of “true dialogue”.  One of the great needs I see in our world today is a willingness on the part of individuals and nations to be willing to truly “listen” to each other with the goal of better understanding the other one’s position, rather than making sure one “makes his or her point”.

Surely, with a greater commitment on the part of individuals and nations to “seek the truth” together, through respectful dialogue the truth can and will eventually be sifted out.  We know how this principle works in any relationship, where two people are committed to respectfully air their differences, the truth is better understood, and true reconciliation is achieved when and where necessary.  This always leads to a healthier and stronger relationship.

The same can be true even in our political process.  I’d like to challenge all of us to respectful dialogue during this political season.  Let’s commit to being open to truly hear one another.  Let us not be so judgemental, and bring a true sense of “good will” to the political debate and discussion.  If the goal of government is the betterment of human society, surely there is much to be gained by those already in political office as well as the electorate to commit to respectfully seeking the truth. 

The truth is not something we use to beat up one another.  Rather, the truth is something to seek together, because it is universally appealing to the human spirit.  The truth is something the human community longs for and seeks together.  The truth is something with a universal language, something to be lived together, and spoken together in love.