Diocesan Seminarians with Vocation Director, Fr. Bill Hill

Today, I had the pleasure of entertaining the diocesan seminarians while they are on Christmas break.  Six of our ten seminarians were in town for lunch at the Bishop’s residence with our vocation director, Fr. Bill Hill.

Front Row:  Hiep Nguyen, Duy Nguyen, and Linh Vu; Back Row: Brian Willoughby, Andrew Kinstetter and Louis Shea.  To the Left:  Diocesan Vocation Director, Rev. Bill Hill.
Four of our seminarians are travelling over the Christmas break; Brandon Halvorsen, Brian Hess, Dan Poelma and Bob Rodgers.
Of course, all of these men are glad to be finished with another semester, and mostly, the final exams!  We celebrated Mass together, enjoyed a meal, and visited.  Our time together gave me another opportunity to get to know these men a bit better, their personalities, their family backgrounds, and their pursuits.  We are blessed with a good group of seminarians.  Please pray for them.  As I told them today, I am grateful for their “Yes”, and appreciate their willingness to follow the Lord on this journey.
Please continue to pray for those others whom God is calling to serve our Church, that they may hear this call, and be given the grace and support to say “Yes”. 
My sincere hope and prayer is that our future strategic plan will provide some practical ways we can support and encourage all our people to listen attentively to God, to know His plan for their lives, to freely embrace their “call”, so that all of us may make a generous gift of our lives to God and His people.