As people in Wyoming already know, during the Budget Session of the Wyoming Legislature, (every other year) the session time is reduced, and the great majority of energy is devoted to fiscal issues.  Thus, for bills to be introduced for consideration, they must first pass a two thirds majority vote for consideration.  We need your immediate help to draw attention to a bill that will be introduced Friday morning (tomorrow.)

I’m asking all Wyoming readership of this blog to please reach out to legislators you may know before Friday morning, (2/12/16) to ask them to please support SF 94, Payment For Educational Services.  This is a critical bill with serious implications for St. Joseph’s Children’s Home in Torrington.

Please contact your legislators via e-mail or via phone call to urge them to vote yes on SF 94 so that this bill can be heard on the floor where all facts can be presented to the entire legislature. SF 94 needs 2/3rd vote to be heard on the floor. This vote is scheduled to occur tomorrow.

SF 94 accommodates the drastic shift in placements in PRTF (Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facilities, such as St. Joseph’s Children’s Home) from court ordered placements to private placements with state departments assisting the process. The Wyoming Department of Education (WDE) has realized considerable savings in the COPS (Court Ordered Placement Services) budget. There are considerably fewer youth placed by court order in PRTFs today as compared to past years. WDE’s COPS budget will not exceed what it was 3 years ago if this bill was to pass.

Please contact your legislators with this information and urge them to vote yes so that this bill can be heard on the floor where all facts can be presented to the entire legislature to make an informed decision. The Wyoming Legislature also has an Online Hotline available where you can leave your comments and support at Thank you so much for your advocacy and support.