How is everybody doing? Chin up! Keep the faith. Remember, Lent is all about ‘returning to the Lord. Who could have dreamed the many ways our day-to-day life would be altered? Make good use of this moment.

As the Coronavirus continues to impact our day-to-day life, it is important that we do a number of things:

  • take practical steps to restrict the transmission of this virus
    • begin to act as if you already have the virus (this is very important) It is not so much about not getting the virus, as not transmitting it to others.
      • restrict your social activity
      • practice good hygiene –
        • no hand shakes
        • wash hands
        • social distancing
        • avoid public gatherings as much as possible
          • Today (March 16) CDC has made recommendation that there be no gatherings of 10 or more people) Let that sink in. How does that change our social activity???

Look around the world if you do not believe this pandemic is real. This requires everyone of us to do our part to begin to act in a manner that protects the life of others. If you have not done so already, please google ‘flatten the curve’ for some very good information about how this virus is transmitted and how we all can do our part to slow it down. Every action and decision we make should have the good of neighbor in mind, as well as the desire to do everything to benefit the many brave healthcare workers, first responders, public workers who are on the front line serving all of us.

At the same time, do not panic, but prepare for a period of personally imposed quarantine.

This is a time to begin to draw near to God, to Jesus, and spiritually close to each other. Remember, on Ash Wednesday, we were encouraged to ‘return to the LORD.’ It seems to me we are being provided an unprecedented moment to renew our relationship with Jesus in these days.

As we begin to have more free time, as we work from home, or withdraw from social gatherings, it is a good time to think about how we are going to make the best use of this space and time.

First, renew the amount of time spent in prayer. I will begin tomorrow morning offering a live stream daily Mass at 8:30am Pacific Time. You can join me at

We hope to also make it available on Facebook (Archdiocese of Seattle).

As already announced, you can also join me in spirit every morning for a 9:00am Rosary.

Do you know about the Liturgy of Hours? This is another prayer of the church, prayed by priest and religious. There are numerous hours of the day when we pray ‘in and with and for’ the church. Typically, this is a 4 volume set of prayers, known as the Liturgy of Hours, or the Breviary, or ‘The Office’. This prayer is provided today by several on-line services. You can google Liturgy of Hours and find one that works for you. Should you take up this beautiful prayer, you will be praying in communion with millions of priests, religious and lay people around the world.

Finally, I encourage all of you to spend time reading Scripture. I suggest you begin with the Gospels and the Acts of the Apostles. Even better, and perhaps easier, simply spend time each day reading and praying with the Readings for Mass each day. Again, there are many good resources on line where you can find these daily readings. I’m told that the publisher, Magnificat, is making their publication available for free during this time.

I’ll share more resources with you later. For now, let us hold each other close in prayer, and together know that we worship the Father in Spirit and Truth together.