The bishops in my support group have been emailing and texting me recently asking if I am tired of the snow yet.  Yes, Southeastern Wyoming received another foot of snow earlier this week.  The snow began Tuesday evening and continued pretty much till mid-afternoon Wednesday.  When I awoke on Wednesday morning, there was already 10″ of fresh, wet, heavy snow on the ground.  I could hear limbs breaking and falling under the weight of the pretty white stuff.

The early week was heavy on the administration side of things.  It is good for the people of the Church to know that a bishop really does have to consult quite a bit in the decision he makes.  This week, the Diocesan Finance Council met to review the results of the fiscal year quickly drawing to a close and to approve the budget for the upcoming year.  Lay men and women with varying expertise give me great guidance and advice regarding our finances.  I’m glad to report that we will end our fourth year running in the black. 

The board who manages the investments for our retired priests, the St. Joseph Society, also met this week.  This board is made up of priests from the diocese who are also very thoughtful regarding both investments and the benefits for our retired priests.

A good friend, Mark Seabrook, arrived Wednesday night to accompany me on this week’s tour of six more parishes for conferral of the sacrament of Confirmation.  We were in Riverton last night to celebrate with a group who were unable to make an earlier date due to snow.  Two students from St. Stephen’s Indian Mission and six students from St. Margaret’s in Riverton received the Sacrament of Confirmation. 

Today and tomorrow, I will be in Lander for the graduation ceremonies of the third graduating class of Wyoming Catholic College.