Just a word of encouragement this morning to all of the readers of this blog. Today is the feast of St. Clare, companion of St. Francis. Her spirituality revolved around a deep love for Jesus, and gave expression in a unique and powerful way to His poverty and humility.

I believe the starting point for any relationship with Christ is to be deeply aware of His love for us.  The love that created us and the same love that redeemed us.  Then, as we grow in this awareness, a very important step is that of gratitude.  Finally, the greatest expression of gratitude for the love of God received in the person of Jesus Christ is a life lived expressing that same love in concrete and practical ways for others.

Perhaps you are a wife and mother, a husband and father, a priest or religious, a seminarian or young adult seeking to live a sacred single life.  Whatever your state in life, know today God’s tremendous and unconditional love for you.  Thank God for this love.  As a sign of your love in return, know the way you live your life today has meaning, has a purpose.  Love today, and give thanks to God!