Spring TurkeyWhen the birds begin to sing in the early morning dawn, everyone knows that spring is just around the corner.  I have always been an early riser, and I love the sound of birds chirping before sunrise.  For the first time this week I have witnessed this wonder of nature once again.

I should have known there is another harbinger of spring, when lacking, also indicates that winter has not yet relinquished its grip.  Normally, the turkey cannot keep from gobbling this time of year, but they have been noticeably quiet so far this spring.  Now I know why.

Once again much of Wyoming is facing a Winter Storm Warning.  Yep, another spring snow storm is due to begin this evening, dumping another couple feet of snow in the mountains, and anywhere from 6 to 12 inches at lower elevations.  Some local areas will experience heavier amounts.  The warning runs through Sunday evening, with snow expected to continue into Monday.  Of course, there is a forecast of strong winds to accompany the storm, which will make travelling even more hazardous.

While I am hoping this latest storm does not interrupt next week’s confirmation travels, I’m equally concerned for the calving and lambing operations around the state.  These late spring snow storms can be detrimental to ranchers at this critical time when the herds and flocks are giving birth.

I asked a rancher last week in the Riverton area how he had survived the last storm a few weeks ago.  He said he lost a few calves, but thought it was a small price to pay for the needed moisture.  That says a lot about how much this state relies upon these spring snows to build the snow pack in the mountains, which will provide the needed moisture to get through the summer months.  After the last storm, most parts of the state were reported to be at or near 100% of snow pack for this time of year.  This storm, if it lives up to predicted strength and longevity, should put us well above average.

Be safe everyone!