As most of this readership knows, the Easter season begins the Confirmation season as well.  I will be on the road throughout Wyoming for most of the next two months.  My first seven day trip began Friday with a trip to Clark.  I arrived here in time to join our Carmelite Monks for dinner.  Today, Saturday, four of their members received minor orders.

The Wyoming Carmelites are unique, in that they practice the ancient Carmelite Rite.  Their monastic life revolves around the Liturgy and their Marian devotion.  The ancient Carmelite Rite Liturgy is a usage of the extraordinary form with additions of particular Carmelite devotions and customs.  Their celebration of the Liturgy of Hours is also prayed in Latin with Carmelite variations, especially inclusive of their Marian devotions.

After Vatican II most of the minor orders were no longer conferred to those preparing for priesthood.  However, the ancient Carmelite Rite still calls for the celebration of the minor orders of porter and exorcist.  The two other orders conferred were lector and acolyte, which are also received by other individuals preparing for Holy Orders (Priesthood).

Saturday morning was filled with prayer.  Once again, the monks revealed a tremendous joy in their monastic life.  Br. Simon Mary had some family in from upper New York, and a few other friends of the community joined us for the ceremony followed by a wonderful meal.  The day was filled with a celebratory atmosphere. 

I am happy to share with you below a few pictures of the day, in a new slide show format I’m excited to debut for the first time.