Confirmandi and Sponsors process into St. Mary Magdalen for Confirmation

Though it was a bit cool and breezy, a great crowd gathered in Evanston Monday evening for Confirmation.  We had 35 students, including ten from Ft. Bridger, confirmed.  St. Mary Magdalen is a beautiful, old stone church, well cared for, and houses a strong, faith-filled community.  This is another part of the diocese receiving a good influx and great impact from recent immigrants from Mexico.

Fr. Jaime Bueno and Bishop

The pastor, Fr. Jaime, is from Columbia, and is doing a great job buillding up this community of faith.  He is a real “people person”, and with his Spanish, is also a great aid to the growing hispanic community.  He, and the many Hispanics around the diocese are a great encouragement to me to want to learn Spanish. 

After a beautiful Mass, everyone went to the parish hall for a reception.  People stayed around for a good while, which is another sign of the value these people place on “community”.  They are doing a good job as well of building a strong catechesis program, and strong teachers of the faith.  This truly is one of the great needs and priorities of our church today, to teach well the basics of our faith to the young, as well as the older members of our church who still need to learn more about our faith.

It is snowing again here in Evanston this morning.  Many people as I travel these past two weeks around the diocese are commenting on the “long winter” this year!