St. Patrick, Diamondville

This Spring 2011 Confirmation is in the home stretch.  Last night, we were in St. Patrick, and even though so many people refer to St. Patrick as in Kemmerer, it is actually in Diamondville.  Kemmerer was the original location of St. Patrick, but when the new church was built in 1973, it was just in the corporate city limits of Diamondville. 

Fr. Randy Oswald has done a great job building community here.  Numerous parishioners gave me a hard time because Fr. Randy will become the new pastor at Our Lady of the Mountains in Jackson this July. 

There was a large gathering of parish leaders (40) prior to the Mass.  It was nice to meet so many of the people who keep the faith alive in this parish.  The youth who were confirmed were full of life, and ready to greet “the bishop”.  We had a lovely reception following the Mass. 

More hospitality was extended by those who provided the lodging for the night, and a lovely couple who had us over for breakfast in the morning.  There was also an invitation to come back sometime and do some fishing!  But, for now, the “fishing for souls” continues, and it looks like God is blessing the effort.

After a wonderful stop in Star Valley (tomorrow’s blog entry), we had to take a lengthy detour into Idaho and over Teton Pass due to a mudslide.  We arrived in Jackson in time for a brief visit with the interim pastor prior to dinner with another nice group here this evening.

Our Lady of the Mountains, Jackson

It has been a long winter here this year.  There is still heavy snow pack in the mountains.  All the reservoirs have been drained in anticipation of a large spring run-off.  The lower elevations are just now beginning to green up, due to late melting of snow and only recent warmer temperatures.  All here welcome the “arrival of Spring”.

With the arrival of Spring, once again, the majority of the preaching this Confirmation Season has been on the precious gift shared with us in the Risen Christ.  This evening also elevated my own awareness of the greeting of the bishop at the beginning of each Mass: “Peace be with you.”  These are the words of the Risen Christ!  This gift of Peace is His gift to us.  May we learn to live fully in this Peace, and fully in the life that is ours in the Risen Christ!