Honor Guard; St. Stephen's Indian Mission

After a full morning in Cody, we had a beautiful day to drive to Riverton.  We arrived in time for a brief visit with the pastor, Fr. Tony Blount, SOLT. 

The local priests from St. Margaret, St. Joseph and Holy Rosary along with Fr. Ray from Worland arrived for a meal and some time together prior to Mass.  It is always good for the priests to visit and enjoy some fraternal support.  It was a very pleasant evening.

With thirty five confirmations, the church was quite full.  Music was provided by a small group from Riverton, and servers came from the locall Wyoming Catholic College, which will celebrate their historic first graduation tomorrow.  More on that later.

It is such a grace for me to travel to our many parishes in this Easter Season to celebrate Confirmation.  Last night my preaching focused more on the broad scope of the history of salvation.  This God Who created all from nothing is the same God Who sent His Son, Jesus, to restore what was lost through sin.

It is Jesus Who sends us His Spirit, “who teaches us everything” (John 14:26).  It is this same Spirit who helps us identify the law God has written on our hearts (Ezekeil 36), and encourages us to follow our conscience in doing what is right and avoiding what is wrong. 

It is this grace of the life of the Risen Christ at work in us through Baptism, sustained in us through the Sacraments of the Church that we are to cooperate with and live more fully.  It is the Spirit Who helps us grow in such understanding, knowledge, right judgement and wisdom.

photos courtesy of Mark Seabrook\