As you can tell, the blog activity has slacked off recently. Mostly, this is due to this bishop’s summer slow down. I’ll try to be a bit more frequent again soon. In the meantime, here are some pictures from a recent visit to one of my former parishes as “Fr. Paul”.

I was back in Indiana for a week the end of June, and celebrated Mass at St. John the Evangelist in downtown Indianapolis. Ironically, this was the same weekend I said “goodbye” as their pastor one year ago. No one would have guessed then I would return so quickly to celebrate with them as a bishop.

St. John Celebrants

Rev. Steve Giannini, pastor; Rev. Tom Widner, SJ (my former spiritual director) and Cecila Linn

Darryl and Andrea

Darryl & Andrea Eskew, friends and parishioners

TA and Larry

TA and Larry Hungate; friends, parishioners, dedicated volunteers

Tom and Sally

Tom Nichols; organist, liturgist, staff and Sally Welch; secretary, sacristan (friends)

After the Mass, a few people gathered for dinner at a friend’s home.
PDE and Nicolette

+PDE and sister, Sr. Nicolette, OSB


Holbrook gathering

Dinner with friends.

(Photos courtesy of Sally Welch and Therese Holbrook)