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US Bishops Enter Week Of Prayer And Reparation

During this week leading up to the USCCB meeting of bishops in Baltimore, all bishops will this week intensify our prayer.  We invite all who are inclined to do so to please join us.  Our intentions for this period of focused prayer and sacrifice are listed in the letter below, which I have asked be shared with all our parishioners this weekend. Dear Parishioners: The U.S. bishops are joining together in a commitment of prayer and reparation leading up to the bishops’ general assembly, where we will be making critical decisions in response to the […]

Archbishop Etienne Establishes Independent Commission To Review All Clergy & Religious Files Along With All Other Files Related To Abuse

Yesterday evening, this letter was emailed to all clergy, religious, chancery staff, parish ministers and members of all Archdiocesan boards and committees.  This morning, I share the same with you.  At the bottom of this post you will find a copy of the official decree establishing this independent commission and defining the scope of their work. A statement to the press will be released at 10:00am this morning. † October 23, 2018 Re: Formation of Independent Commission To the People of the Archdiocese, For the past few months I have prayerfully discerned the best way […]

Latest, Positive Developments In Church Crisis

After three months of painful revelations of sexual misconduct of priests and bishops, along with allegations that some bishops covered up these criminal behaviors, this weekend we are seeing some positive developments. Before I spell out these new developments, it bears saying once again, that as Church, and as an Archbishop, we apologize again to victims of sexual abuse.  My prayer and plea during these past few months is that by our actions we give clear evidence that we are listening compassionately to victims while at the same time taking actions to report their claims […]

By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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