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Bishops Of Alaska Issue Pastoral Letter On Human Dignity And Sanctity Of Life

For the past several months, the bishops of Alaska have been discussing how we might best exercise our role as teachers. There are a growing number of social issues today that need to be addressed from a faith perspective, and yet require more than a ‘sound byte’ to adequately outline the theological principles which underpin our beliefs and teachings. At the same time, as we looked at the numerous issues we wished to address, we realized that what is fundamentally at the heart of each of the issues is the need for a proper understanding […]

Interfaith Prayer Service To Open 2016 Legislative Session In Cheyenne

For the second year in a row, the Diocese of Cheyenne invited legislators and other government officials to gather at the Cathedral of St. Mary with faith community leaders for an interfaith prayer service.  Our crowd grew from last year to this year, and once again a tremendous amount of gratitude was expressed for the opportunity to bring the community together as an expression of unity and faith. Rabbi Larry Moldo from Mt. Sinai Congregation in Cheyenne represented the Jewish community, Dr. Mohamed Salih from the Southeast Wyoming Islamic Center in Cheyenne represented our Islamic […]

God Our Creator

As a new Advent season begins, our readings draw attention to creation. From references to ‘the mountain of the Lord,’ (Isaiah 2: 1-5) to trees, branches, and fruit, (Isaiah 4) to the creatures of the earth that learn to live together in peace, (Isaiah 11) we are reminded of the beauty of God’s handiwork, and that each element of creation plays a role in God’s mysterious and eternal plan of salvation. Is it any wonder that all of creation sings the praise of God, (Psalm 96) in order to reveal the Creator to those who […]

By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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