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Called To Discipleship & Witnesses

During the month of June, we will conclude another Easter Season with the celebration of Pentecost, followed by some major Solemnities: Holy Trinity, Corpus Christi (The Body & Blood of The Lord); the Sacred Heart of Jesus, The Nativity of Saint John the Baptist, and Saints Peter & Paul. That is quite a line-up for any month of the year! These great liturgical celebrations speak to us of the importance in our lives of discipleship (following Jesus) and witness (being heralds of the Gospel). Jesus shares his life with us not only that we may […]

Easter Octave Continues: Paradise Lost – Paradise Restored – By A Gardener

Today’s Mass offers us the resurrection account from John’s Gospel (20:11-18).  This account evokes a persistence on the part of the Magdalene to remain at the tomb.  She had visited earlier and found it empty, and ran to tell Simon Peter.  She obviously returned, and remained, even after Peter and ‘the Beloved Disciple’ had departed. This is an important lesson for us in our faith journey – to persist in our own desire to ‘see the Lord.’ John’s Gospel places the burial place of Jesus in a garden (John 19:41) which is significant.  The creation […]

“SWIECONKA”: A Treasured Polish Custom – Blessing Easter Baskets of Easter Food

Yesterday I had another first as the Archbishop of Anchorage – presiding over a prayer service of Polish tradition to bless the Easter baskets of foods to be eaten on Easter Sunday. I commended the families on maintaining their traditions, but especially of making good use of the Liturgical Seasons within their homes as a means of passing on the faith to the next generation. Some of my favorite memories from childhood revolved around the traditions my mother introduced to help us keep the Liturgical Seasons within our home.  I have vibrant memories of coloring […]

He Is Risen! Let Us Run With Peter & The Beloved Disciple In Search Of The Risen Christ

Happy Easter! On this Easter Sunday the Church hears the message proclaimed to Peter and the Beloved Disciple, “They have taken the Lord from the tomb, and we do not know where they put him.” (John 20:2) Most of us after living for a while know the experience of grief, of losing a loved one, a close friend, a core person of our support system.  This is how the apostles and close followers of Jesus were feeling – but even with a greater poignance.  They were just beginning to believe that he was the Son […]

Good Friday Faith Walk In Anchorage

Roughly 800 people from approximately 15 parishes and institutions walked from all over Anchorage today, converging on the Performing Arts Center in downtown, where we concluded by praying the last three stations together. After the recitation of the stations of the cross, we recited together Psalm 22, I offered a brief homily, prayed the Our Father (In YUP’IK) and closed with a prayer. I was quite impressed with the quality of the meditations for each of the stations.  There were two common themes in each; 1) we acknowledged our sins and admitted our guilt and […]

Make Plans Now For A Holy Week!

Two years ago, I had the great experience of traveling to the Holy Land during the first two weeks of Easter.  The day before that pilgrimage ended, I celebrated Mass in one of the holiest sites of our faith, the Holy Sepulchre.  After spending weeks visiting the country side and villages where Jesus was born, raised, baptized, preached, performed miracles, was transfigured; following the path and places of his passion and crucifixion all culminated in this celebration of the precious gift he left us, the Eucharist, in the place where he rose from the dead. […]

Lent: Expect & Desire Encounters With God

n this 2ND Sunday of Lent, we hear Scriptural accounts of powerful experiences of God.  Abram hears God directing him to leave his homeland behind to discover a new land which God will show him.  He hears of God’s promise of blessing, and Abram followed the direction of God. Peter, James and John also have a powerful experience of God (the Father) as they accompany Jesus during his transfiguration.  And of course, Jesus himself, who is always in communion with the Father, has a mystical encounter with Moses and Elijah and is transfigured before the […]

Pastoral Visit To Soldotna & Kenai

I arrived home late last night from a two day road trip back to the Kenai Peninsula.  I’ve had the good company for these parish visits of our Stewardship & Development Director, Mrs. Laurie Evans-Dineen.  Besides working with the local parish leaders to set up each of these visits and receptions, she is also becoming an accomplished photographer in the process!  I’m very grateful for her willingness to hit the road with me and visit the people that we serve.  Having an extra driver along is also a huge bonus. We left Kenai last night […]

Lent; A Call To Conversation With God

As I write today, I am at Our Lady of Perpetual Help parish in Soldotna.  The image to the left hangs in the sanctuary of this parish church.  As many of this readership already knows, I was ordained a priest on the feast of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, June 27.  This June will mark my 25th anniversary. Over the years, I have looked to Our Blessed Mother to teach me about conversation with Our Lord.  In this particular image, the young Jesus ran and jumped into her arms (depicted by the dangling shoe on […]

Another Week Of Travels

As I prepare to leave Washington DC on my way back to Anchorage, please allow me to share a little bit of my thoughts from this week. Knowing that I was coming to our USCCB (United States Conference of Catholic Bishops) headquarters for some committee meetings this week, I took the advantage of stopping first in my home town of Tell City, Indiana for a visit with my family.  I do not normally share much detail regarding my family, but this seems an appropriate time for allowing a little bit of a glimpse into our […]

By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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